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Why Choose TIPS?

Careful attention is needed to choose a surgeon for liposuction. One should make sure that the surgeon is skilled, trained, experienced, and enjoys good reputation. In addition to these basic factors, there are some other important things that you need to take into account while picking a surgeon for liposuction, these are as follows:

Is Your Cosmetic Surgeon Well Trained?
A well trained cosmetic surgeon can prevent and also take care of complications associated with liposuction. Given a choice to pick from two equally educated and trained liposuction surgeon in Punjab, you should pick the one who has taken care of liposuction emergencies

Consider 'Safety' Factor
A good liposuction surgeon in Punjab understands clearly what constitutes the right amount of liposuction that a patient can comfortably tolerate within a day. Before you zero in on any liposuction surgeon in India, it is important that you understand your surgeon's philosophy with respect to safety.

Liposuction technique is more important than surgeon's specialty
Rigidly defined qualifications of the surgeon with years of experience in a particular specialty are not as important as surgeon's technique of liposuction, the safety record in performing the surgeries, and integrity.

Beware of marketing gimmicks
Do not get lured by the biased marketing hype that claim that a particular surgeon with particular training/specialty has an edge over others. There is no published data to claim superiority of a particular specialty/training for success of liposuction. A cosmetic surgeon's integrity and surgical skill are paramount for success of the procedure.

Avoid Arrogant Surgeons
There are some surgeons who believe in infallibility of their own medical specialty. It is advised to guard against seeking services from arrogant or overconfident surgeons. Excessively large sessions of liposuction should be avoided.

Other Attributes
Whenever you choose a liposuction surgery center in Chandigarh, some other attributes to look for in your potential surgeon are: Artistic sensibility, humility, ability to recognize and avoid unnecessarily dangerous situations.

Seek Expert Advice


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M.B.B.S, M.S. General Surgery
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